The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

Canada is going to look a lot different come October 17th 2018. This is the planned date for the legalization of recreational cannabis. In Ontario, this will begin with an online store, which may move to select retail locations. Although this sounds tempting, it is important to note that there are some major benefits to seeking cannabis through a medical licence.


Medical Cannabis Recreational Marihuana
Tax deductible (See post) Not deductible
Covered by some private health insurance Not covered
Maximum possession limit 150g per month Maximum possession limit 30g any given time
May eventually have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) Will never have a Drug Identification Number (DIN)
Federal Excise Tax may be absorbed by certain Licenced Providers Federal Excise Tax of 10% will be charged
Licenced Providers will supply a premium quality medical line Restricted to government supply chain
Grow licence will restrict to number of plants required for your prescription

(eg. 2g per day is 16 plants)

Limit to 4 plants per residence (not per person)
All patients can apply to grow their own Québec & Manitoba are banning the Federal Allowance of Recreational Plants


Overall the benefits from obtaining your medical licence far outweigh the recreational line. Cannenta Clinic is working to make this process seamless and a easy as possible for our patients. Our virtual consultations mean that you can meet with our health professionals on your lunch break on your smart phone, or in between meetings. We are here to answer your questions, so contact us today!

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