Medical Marihuana & The CRA

You may not believe that these two go together – but they do! The Canada Revenue Agency allows for the medical deduction of your weed prescription. This is great news as for many patients their health insurance plans will not cover the expense as marijuana does not yet have a drug identification number (DIN). Always check with your health insurance provider as you may be covered.


As outlined on Revenue Canada’s website “marihuana, marihuana plants or seeds, cannabis or cannabis oil for a person authorized to possess these substances, for their own medical use” can be used as a valid medical expense.  To claim this on your taxes you must hold a valid prescription and purchase from a Canadian Licenced Producer. You cannot claim any costs related to the use of cannabis (vaporizers, pipes) or growing your own supply.


For more details on how to claim your medical expenses visit: or talk to your tax agent.


The Cannenta Clinic creates a virtual space for you to be able to access a health professional who will assess your medical marijuana needs. We try and create a seamless process that fits into your busy schedule. For those people who find it difficult to leave their house, Cannenta is the best choice as we can be access from a home computer or smartphone.


For those of you who have your medical licence, don’t forget to save your order receipts for tax season!

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