Various Methods of Treatment

“Do I have to roll a joint?”

This is one of the first questions that is most often asked by patients. Luckily, there a multiple methods of treatment available to marijuana users! The type of product that you purchase will have an impact on how you take your medication. The two main cannabis states are Oils and Dry.



Cannabis oils can contain both CBD and THC and are consumed orally. This is not an oil that you can put into a vape pen. Patients who take oils sublingually (under the tongue) find that the process starts a bit faster. Oils can be taken with food, but I recommend putting the oil directly into your mouth so that you get the full dose and nothing is wasted. Great food choices include foods with a good lipid (fat) profile. I often find that full fat yogurt is a go to for many people.

Oils can come in capsule form (or you can fill your own), and these take a bit longer to digest. For many patients the onset is usually within 1-2 hours of ingestion and can last ideally between 6-8 hours. Every person is different and finding your ideal dose takes time.  




Dry products can contain varying levels of CBD and TCH and can be consumed in a few different forms.


Vaporization – This is the ideal way of consuming your dry herb. The weed is milled and added to a vapor chamber. A convection vaporizer is a better choice as it prevents burning of the cannabis. This helps to keep the various components (including the terpenes) intact. You will notice more flavour and distinction between varieties. Vaporization is easier on the lungs as it does not create smoke from combustion. It keeps the medical properties of the marijuana from ‘going up in smoke’ (so to speak), which means that patients will have to use less product. Vaping can be discreet and the smell is less potent.


Traditional Smoking – Using dry herb the product is broken down into a smaller milled substance that can be added to a rolled joint, bong or pipe. The herb is not fine milled, but it would be difficult to smoke a whole bud. Most people will feel the effects of both vaping and smoking within 15 minutes, and they will last to a maximum of 2-3 hours.


Edibles – Many patients will turn to creating their own edibles for their dry herb. Creating a cannabutter or cannaoil can be a easy way to incorporate into many of your own recipes. Freezing small portions can help with dosing, as baked goods will only keep for so long. Some patients even create a fine milled product to add to savory dishes. It is important that when making edibles that you take caution when consuming as they can take between 30-45 minutes to take effect depending on your metabolism.


As with all marijuana use, start low and go slow!

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